FireFTP Charity Project

or: we're all in this thing together

Where does this money go?

Half of all proceeds this year go towards helping support women's rights. To start, donations will go to supporting domestic violence shelters. With your kind help, we can assist in putting a stop to abuse against women and generate awareness in our communities. The other half of the donation will go to putting bread on my table and to help provide continuing support for FireFTP.

What's a reasonable donation?

Even $1 is enough to show your appreciation - give what you can. Most FTP programs run about $40 US dollars, so you are getting quite a bargain here... :-) If you are a business, using FireFTP for professional endeavors, you should consider donating at least $20. If you are using several copies of the program in your company you should perhaps pay an additional $5 for each copy. In the end, pay what you feel is fair.

I have no money right now - what else can I do?

You, yes you, can be just a positive influence, if not more by helping out right where you are, in your local community.

Suggestions on different ways of being awesome:
Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere.
Take what you're passionate about and see how you can also make it beneficial to your community.
If you own a business, donate proceeds to green energy or charity or something beneficial.
Support local businesses and encourage them to do the above.
Buy locally grown food and get a reusable bag.
Ride your bike instead of taking your car.
Go hang out with your kids more.
Go hang out with your parents more.
Take only what you need, not what you can get.

So, in conclusion, as Ze Frank would say: just be awesome.

Is this tax-deductible on my income taxes?

While donations are not U.S. tax deductible as charitable contribution, they may be deductible as an operating expense, and if someone is so inclined, they should ask for the advice of their accountant. The same applies to other countries, where corporations can make deductible donations under the terms of "Good Will". I specifically am not a non-profit organization, as that would limit the nationalities that I could spend such money in.

Business Transparency: how much has the FireFTP project been able to raise over the years?

Here's how much support the project has gotten over the years. Thank you to all who donated over the years - I very much appreciate it!

Year Donations
(after paypal fees and taxes)
to Charity
(2005-2010 went to orphanages
in Sarajevo and Vukovar)
to Self
(no donations taken this year)
$0 = $0 + $0
(before having a post-install
screen asking for donations)
$1,000 = $1,000 + $0
2006 $14,280 = $7,350 + $6,930
2007 $26,835 = $13,700 + $13,135
2008 $25,043 = $13,000 + $12,043
2009 $20,341 = $13,000 + $7,341
2010 $21,610 = $13,000 + $8,610
2011 $18,361 = $14,015 ($10,825 for Sarajevo + $3,070 for LGBT/Domestic violence) + $4,346
2012 (announced at end of the year) 100% to LGBT until Sep.
50% to Domestic violence support Sep. - Dec.
after 8 years of work $127,470 = $75,065 + $52,405

Downloads: ~20,000,000
Donators: 17,500 (0.075% of downloaders)
Price per download: $0.005
Haha, I'm obviously a crappy businessman - I should've maybe charged $1 per download =]
Next time, I should write a Minecraft-like game ;)